How I Feel About High School

I’m only in 7th grade but I’m starting to worry about high school. I wonder how stressful it’s going to be. I also wonder what my grades will be like, how my peers will be, how nice or mean my teachers will be. I have lots of questions.

Tests To Get Into College

I’m very worried about the different tests we need to get into college (PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.). But, I’m most nervous about the SAT because my parents want me to aim for a 1600. Getting a 1600 is a very difficult task for most people so I would have to work really hard.

How Stressful It May Be

I also don’t want high school to be really stressful. Hopefully, the teachers don’t give out too many tests and we don’t get as much homework. Some students go to sleep really late because of homework and the result of that is sleeping during class.

What I’m Looking Forward To

There are definitely good things to look forward to in high school. One of them is that you get a lot more freedom than in middle school (not really important but it’s still good), you can also have more knowledge of different subjects, and you can also make connections with other people that can open up to new opportunities. There are lots of other pros of high school but those are just a few.

Managing School Life and Social Life

I definitely would want time to hang out with friends and family but I wouldn’t want school to get in the way. For example, if I need to study for a test and my friends want to hang out on the same day, I would obviously have to choose to study over socializing but I would be pretty sad.

Being At The Top of My Class

Being valedictorian or salutatorian is one of my ultimate goals in high school. I always want to strive to get a 4.0 GPA and have the highest academic achievements in my class. If I don’t get valedictorian or salutatorian it would be pretty disappointing but I’ll keep working hard.